Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Many people don’t pay much attention to their electrical outlets until they get damaged or become a hazard. If your electrical outlets are worn out, then you need to take action before your family or business get put in danger. Just like any other electrical appliance in your house, electrical outlets also wear out with time and need to be replaced with new ones. Daniel hall Electrical Services have our top signs that it is time to upgrade your electrical outlets.

Fuse box tripping

If your circuit breakers trip often, then it is probably because your electrical outlets are struggling to supply power. The efficiency of electrical outlets usually decreases as they get older. If your circuit breaker trips often especially when you connect multiple appliances, then it is definitely time to upgrade your outlets.


When you buy a new appliance, it may give off a few odours the first few times you power it up. This is normal however, when you begin to smell those odours on your old appliances something that wasn’t there before – then know that something smells wrong.

Feeling Hot

If your electrical outlets get too hot, then they need to be replaced immediately. Most electrical outlets usually get hot and release strange noise if they are not working efficiently. A warm outlet can rapidly turn into fire.


Can’t see the warning signs? You may still be able to hear it.

Listen for the sound that your outlets make when they are connected.

When you hear buzzes coming out, that is literally your electrical outlet warning. Don’t use the outlet is the safest way to avoid a backlash on your appliances or even prevent a fire.


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