Helpful Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

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Aside from decreasing your utility bills, there many important reasons why we should consider changing our energy habits. We all know that it’s practical, not only for us and our household but as well as for our economy. On top of that, energy efficiency is also beneficial for the environment and possibly improves both our mental and physical health.
Regardless of your reasons for conserving energy, the tips below are guaranteed to help you achieve your goal of changing your energy habits that could lead to long-term positive results.
Control your heating usage
Heating is a must for every household in the UK, and we couldn’t imagine life without it. But while there is no way we could remove our heating system at home, there are few ways to help us control the way it consumes energy.
When your heating is turned on, make sure to close your windows and doors properly so the heat won’t escape and will decrease the time needed to turn on the heating. It is essential to insulate your home correctly and check for cracks or gaps in your windows, doors, and other air passages. Wearing a dress appropriate for the weather can also help you minimise the use of your heating system, especially during the cold season. Lastly, make sure to switch off your heating when you’re out of the house or in bed. Set the timer to ensure your house is warm when you arrive home or when you wake up.
Control your use of hot water
Making changes on your way of using hot water can also help in conserving energy as well as in saving money. According to studies, 25% of the energy consumed in a household is used to generate hot water.
So what are some of the possible ways to save energy from hot water?
Check and repair any leaks as soon as possible
Avoid spending so much time in the shower
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair. You might find having smart showerheads beneficial in monitoring the amount of water you use.
Wash your clothes collectively. Make sure that your washing machine is full when you use it. The same principle applies to using the dishwasher.

Manage your home lighting properly
Above any other energy-consuming appliance at home, lighting is among, if not the largest energy eater. Thus, making even little changes on the way you use lighting at home is a huge plus in reaching your goal of conserving energy.
Don’t forget to turn off the lights when you’re not at home or when you go to sleep.
Energy-efficient light bulbs and solar lighting are popular nowadays, and investing in them can bring you tons of benefits.
Avoid using lighting in broad daylight. Make use of the natural light whenever possible.
Invest in motion-sensor lighting systems or light timers to make sure you don’t consume energy when it’s not needed.
Monitor how you use energy around the house
While making necessary changes to your lighting, heating, and hot water usage is beneficial, observing how you use energy around the home can create a massive and long-lasting impact on your energy consumption.
Always turn on the energy-saving mode in all your appliances at home and make sure to unplug them when not in use.
Make use of the most efficient ways of cooking food such as using pots with proper fitting lids, reusing the available boiling water, and using a microwave instead of an electric oven.
If you have to use the electric oven, wait for your dish to get cooked before opening the oven door, so the right amount of temperature inside is maintained, and the heat isn’t wasted
Hang your clothes instead of using the clothes dryer.
Do not overload your freezer or fridge, and keep the temperature at a medium level.
While you can’t expect a speedy result on the little changes you make with your energy consumption, you will be surprised how it can make a huge difference and long-lasting benefits for you and the environment. Make sure to educate everyone in your household, even your little ones so they could also have a huge part in conserving energy.


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