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Helpful Tips To Reduce Your Energy Consumption

Aside from decreasing your utility bills, there many important reasons why we should consider changing our energy habits. We all know that it’s practical, not only for us and our household but as well as for our economy. On top of that, energy efficiency is also beneficial for the environment and possibly improves both...

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Why You Should Have a Home Electrical Inspection

Periodic electrical testing, otherwise known as domestic EICR testing (EICR), is a inspection of your home electrical systems and installation. How Often Should I Test My Electrics? Like anything, electrics in the home will begin over time to deterioration, ageing and general wear and tear. This is why electrical tests...

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Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Summer is here and temperatures are spiking – is your energy bill still feeling the heat? The average household spends around £1,254 a year on heating and power, according to Ofgem, the industry regulator. That makes energy one of the biggest annual costs for UK families. Daniel Hall Electrical Services have our energy...

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Electrical Problems Homeowners Should Be Aware Of

Electrical troubles are among the most common causes of fires and other accidents at home. A lot of families have lost their properties, and in most cases, lost the lives of their loved ones because of electrical fires. To protect your family and property, it is vital to know the signs of electrical problems at home....

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Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Many people don’t pay much attention to their electrical outlets until they get damaged or become a hazard. If your electrical outlets are worn out, then you need to take action before your family or business get put in danger. Just like any other electrical appliance in your house, electrical outlets also wear out with...

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