Can Security Cameras Provide Security Even Without Electricity?

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A lot of people are asking if security cameras could work without electricity.
It’s understandable why people are asking this because the reason why we invest in security cameras is to secure our life and properties.

We always want to be alerted for any sign of intrusion and threat in our house or business. So let’s discuss what happens to security cameras when electricity is out.

What Happens To The CCTV Cameras When There Is No Electricity?

Most people think that security cameras are not useful during power outages. But this isn’t always the case.
Certain security systems still work even during the absence of electricity, such as the ones that are battery-powered.
Of course, plug-in cameras need electricity to work. But wireless or battery-powered security cameras can still operate even without power.

Plug-in Security Cameras

Plug-in security cameras are wired into the wall and are usually prepared for electricity cut-offs and power outages. They function with the help of the stored power in the backup batteries that come with the security camera.
But like any other battery-powered devices, the length of time that the security camera can function fully depends on the amount of power stored in the backup battery. So when the stored power is fully-consumed, the security camera will then stop working as well.
Also, even when the security camera is working during an outage, it is still unable to send data. You’ll have to wait for the power to get restored to view the stored data in your computer or device.

Wireless Security Cameras

There are wireless CCTV cameras that are particularly supplied with rechargeable batteries to use when there is no electricity. Some brands also come with solar panels, making them capable of recharging using daylight.
Most of these types of CCTV cameras are used in locations where there is no enough supply in electricity.
What If Your Security Camera Doesn’t Have a Backup Battery Feature?
The easiest way to solve this issue is to use battery-powered security cameras since they can still be utilised 24/7 without electricity, especially if the one you have is rechargeable using solar power.
You can either buy a battery-powered security camera with a back-up battery and solar panel or create your own DIY solar power.
If you have the know-how for a DIY solar power project, you can solve the problem without spending too much because solar power is free. But make sure that you know what you’re doing because instead of solving your problem, you might end up creating more.
Another solution is to use UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). UPS does not only protect electrical devices against power surge, but it also provides emergency power with the use of its built-in backup battery.
If having a non-working security system for your business or property is not an option, investing in a standby generator might be the best solution. Standby generators use gasoline to work and are ideal for power outages that last for many hours or even days.
Since we need to keep our property and family safe all the time, having a security camera system is extremely beneficial and practical. And it’s always an edge to make sure that your security cameras are working correctly even during a power outage.

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